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Probate Summer School - Guardian Ad Litem Certification

MCLE Credits: 4.5 including 4.5 MCLE, 0 Ethics

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4 Hours 34 Minutes
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Day 1

Alternatives to Guardian of the Person Panel- What supports and services are offered within the Dallas Community and/or State of Texas that would prevent the need for a Guardian of the Person or alternatively would allow a limited guardianship of the Person? Services discussed will include but are not limited to Medicaid waiver programs- HCS, CLASS, Deaf Blind and Multiple Disabilities, Texas Home Living, Star Plus

  • Moderator- Jan Johnson, JD, LMSW, Court Visitor Supervisor, Dallas County
  • Kimberly Jackson-Miles, Adult Protective Services 
  • Carolina Lasso, Metrocare Services
  • Shannon Gore, Senior Source

Modification and Restoration Panel- During this panel we will have a presentation from a LMSW- Court Investigator, attorney with guardian ad litem certification, and a person on the autism spectrum who recently had her rights restored.  Further discussion of what supports and services are in place now for her.  Also general discussion of modification of guardianship and restoration of capacity process. Dr. Staton will discuss what to look for regarding whether a person is a good candidate for a guardianship, modification of a guardianship or restoration of capacity. 

  • Moderator- Nurenia Spencer, LMSW, Court Investigators’ Office
  • Kelly Walker, attorney practicing primarily in Dallas County 
  • Andrea Parton (restored Incapacitated Person) 
  • Dr. Robert Staton, geriatric psychiatrist 

Day 2
Crisis in the Life of an Alleged Incapacitated Person- What Solutions Does the Law Provide? (1.5 hours)
With COVID there have been numerous emergencies and many attorneys may be wondering what to do to quickly resolve an emergency matter relating to an Alleged Incapacitated Person ie. Whether a temporary guardianship or a TRO the best avenue to pursue in order to resolve a crisis with an Alleged Incapacitated Person?  Panelists will discuss possible options and how to identify and pursue the best course of action:  ie. temporary restraining orders and injunctions, temporary guardianship of the person, temporary guardianship of the estate, management trusts.

  • Moderator- Judge Ponder, Presiding Judge of Probate Court No. 1, Tarrant County
  • Darlene Smith, attorney practicing primarily in Harris County
  • Mark Caldwell, attorney practicing primarily in Dallas County
  • Dyann McCully, attorney practicing primarily in Tarrant County
  • Scott Weber, attorney practicing primarily in Dallas County

Day 3
Guardianship and Mental Illness- Understanding When a Guardianship Application Will Assist a Person with Mental Illness Diagnosis (1.5 hours)
This segment will focus on how to determine if a person has a dual diagnosis, which diagnosis could qualify a person for a guardianship as opposed to if the person has a mental health diagnosis where a guardianship may not help resolve the actual concern.  Possible presenters- medical doctor to discuss how to identify dementia with behavioral disturbances and/or what does it mean when a person has a dual diagnosis, and attorneys who practice in guardianship and mental illness court discussing differences and similarities and when a guardianship can or cannot help ie. medication management, nursing home placement, medical decisions, placement decisions and community resources for mental health

  • Moderator- Judge Margaret Jones- Johnson- Presiding Judge for Probate Court No. 3, Dallas County 
  • Lori Ashmore Peters, attorney practicing primarily in Dallas County 
  • Dr. Jaye Douglas Crowder, geriatric psychiatrist
  • Bill Wilson, Vet Guard USA, Inc., private professional guardian
  • Melanie Barton- attorney practicing primarily in Dallas County




Overall:      4.2

Total Reviews: 32


Charles T - Dallas, Texas

"The attorneys who were panelists in all three sessions were incredible. The two doctors featured were, also, as well as the people from the various agencies. Three excellent seminars with much helpful information."

James B - Dallas, Texas

"Very informative, thank you."

Ellen W - Irving, Texas

"Great option to get my re-certification in. Appreciated the chance to watch a course by local attorneys and judges and Zoom format worked well."