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Terry Maxon


Terry Maxon is an award-winning journalist who worked more than 40 years as reporter and editor before retiring in September 2015. He wrote for the Dallas Morning News for 30 of those years, including some 20 years covering American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and the airline industry. 
In 2007, Terry and the Dallas Morning News launched an aviation blog, Airline Biz, a site that was attracting more than 5 million views a year by the time he retired. Airline Biz became a must-read resource for people who worked in the airline industry, invested in the airline industry or wrote about the airline industry.

He twice was a finalist for the prestigious Gerald Loeb Award and has been honored by the Society of Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) for his coverage of the airline industry. 
Maxon graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor of arts degree in professional writing. He and wife Jannett live in Arlington, Texas, and have two grown children. This is his first book. This is his last book.