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Mike Guinn

Urban Youth Specialist

Mr. Guinn has more than 17 years of experience working as a professional emcee, actor, motivational speaker, panel moderator and spokenword performer. Mr. Guinn has also participated in numerous films including the soon to be released Battle Lines.  Other films include With Love, Why Women Trip, Roses Are Read,  and Trusux, Underground: Under 10. Mr. Guinn has also starred in five stage plays including Keeping The Dream Alive, And The Dream Lives On, Waiting To Inhale, I Wish I had Waited, and  Garland and Ritche Man.  Mr. Guinn is also a published author and has been the subject of several national and international documentaries as well as several appearances on Good Morning Texas and numerous other TV and radio appearances.  Mr. Guinn holds a Masters Degree in Social Work