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Jodi McShan

Founding Member

Jodi McShan grew up in a family-owned business, where she did everything from floral design and delivery to accounting and management.  At McShan Florist, she learned the benefits of hard work and personal relationships from both her grandfather Lee A. McShan, Jr. and her father Bruce McShan. 
She has experience in business,  intellectual property, and family violence cases, which enables her to be a strong advocate for her clients.  Jodi leverages her knowledge to help her clients reach positive outcomes - her approach is different from some.  Instead of coming into every case as a "bulldog," she works with each client and helps the client decide what the best approach may be.  In the end, clients are happier when they have control over the outcome and their children are protected.  This can come from a variety of approaches, and each case has its own needs.  Jodi helps clients analyze these needs, and they build a game plan together - whether it be going into litigation as a "bulldog" or working through things amicably.