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Chris Deal

Chris Deal is the owner of National Drug Screening and has co-owned this companies for 9 years. He currently operates in all 50 states and has testified in hundreds of cases.   His company has contracted with some of the largest companies in the world. His company doesn't just test for courts but also companies located throughout the U.S.   Chris is also a Certified Federal Drug Collector. He has been certified through the Federal government and from numerous laboratories   He stays up to date on new tests including K-2 and bath salts testing. He uses only certified laboratories to test his samples and with his lab choices he can always back up his finding. He has personally visited the labs and watched all steps of the testing process.  Chris’s company also offers DNA testing whether it be for a paternity case or for a crime case. Chris has testified in many high-profile cases and has always been able to explain to the results and had backup from the lab.  Chris holds and MBA from Texas State University.