Patricia M - Dallas, Texas

"One of the best presentations I've seen from the DBA."

Thomas (Tommy) T - Plano, Texas

"Very charismatic speaker and hot topic helps. Thank you for providing this in the online CLE series. "

Casey B - Wilmer, Texas

"I really enjoyed this presentation. The speaker was great! "

Donald M - Dallas, Texas

"Worth while since it gave knowledge in an area of importance that attorneys are not specifically trained in but which may be needed for their clients in a difficult circumstance."

Elizabeth W - FRIENDSWOOD, Texas

"Relevant topics that are not touched on enough, and good insight "

Winfield S - Dallas, Texas


Penrod S - Dallas, Texas

"Really enjoyed the real life stories of what occurred in certain situations. Fascinating stuff. "

KUANG-TUNG C - McKinney, Texas

"A new perspective on crisis management."

William C - Dallas, Texas

"Excellent program and speaker has high degree of expertise"

Katherine T - Dallas, Texas

"I could not hear or see the video."