Colin C - Dallas, Texas

"Enjoyed it!"

Jason M - Dallas, Texas

"It was hard to hear the audience members questions. "

Michelle M - Dallas, Texas

"GreT video presentation only problem was I could not see or hear the video he showed at the end. "

Jane R - Dallas, Texas

"excellent presentation with lots of practical advice"

Lauren L - Dallas, Texas

"I would have liked to see the screen he was referencing as he was referencing it"

Alexis P - Texas

"Counter intuitive for attorneys, but we have to learn new tricks in today's digital environment. Hennes got it right."

Joy P - Dallas, Texas

"On point presentation of the 6 one-liners of the damage control playbook and more; engaging speaker, enjoyed it."

Alexandra M - Westport, Connecticut

"Please continue with the free monthly offerings!"

Robert T - Dallas, Texas


Travis C - Dallas, Texas

"Very informative and very easy to apply."