John J - Dallas, Texas

"Bruce Hennes was fantastic. Best presentation I have seen in a long time."

Robert M - Plano, Texas

"very good presentation."

Ian S - Dallas, Texas

"one of the best CLE i have ever seen,"

Vincent S - Irving, Texas

"Excellent presentation. "

Tyler L - Plano, Texas

"Please record the video instead of the speaker if there's a video / multimedia playing."

Whitney P - Dallas, Texas

"Great presentation! I wish we could have seen the videos in the online version. "

Eric L

"Very knowledgeable speaker. Good topic. Interesting."

James T - Rowlett, Texas

"Really great"

Charles W - Irving, Texas

"Great presentation and a great new way to look at this problem! "

Amanda T - Elizabethton, Tennessee

"Very helpful and insightful. "