Margaret T - Carrollton, Texas

"Thank you for your courage."

William C - Dallas, Texas

"A/V synchronization issues"

Carson H - ,

"wonderfully honest"

Felicia N - Richardson, Texas

"Very brave to speak about this issue. Thank you for sharing your experiences."

D. Paul D - Irving, Texas

"An incredibly moving story! I am very impressed that she persevered to learn about her problem and to seek help in dealing with it, rather than letting it take her down. If there had been a bit more time, it could be helpful to learn more about the specific ways she felt that her mania episodes and depressive episodes impacted her ability to practice law, if at all. This was an exceptional program with valuable lessons for every lawyer!"

Steve O - Dallas, Texas

"Work w Kelly - the anxiety and seeking a cure are a story of courage"

Nichole P - ,

"This was an excellent presentation given by an amazingly brave woman. Thank you for sharing your story."

Sharon C - Heath, Texas

"She was truly brave to honestly present an issue ignored by too many."

Laura A - Irving,

"Incredibly brave presentation. Thank you for sharing."

KIMBERLY R - Dallas, Texas

"Brave and amazing!"