Karen S - Plano, Texas

"Thank you for being brave enough to share your story"

Maria W - Dallas, Texas

"This was a great CLE. Thanks to Kelly for her courage and honesty. I hope that your vision of helping other is realized. Write that book!"

Alison C - DALLAS, Texas

"Very grateful to Kelly for sharing her experience and helping others."

Sheeba M

"One of the best CLE's I've watched in my career. Kelly's story is so important for the whole of our profession. "

Cynthia S

"Please keep providing mental health awareness ethics programs. "

Nathaniel M - Dallas, Texas

"Inspiring! Thank you so much for telling your story. "

Keith M - Dallas, Texas

"Simply outstanding. A fascinating story of recovery."

Margaret T - Carrollton, Texas

"Thank you for your courage."

William C - Dallas, Texas

"A/V synchronization issues"

Carson H

"wonderfully honest"